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All the benefits of the BASIC PACKAGE plus:

  • 5 additional Advanced EMDR home study courses of your choice

  • 6 months of access: review anytime, anywhere to enhance your learning.


Enhance your practice a game-changing modality that will take your practice & deepen
your EMDR skills:
to the next level! 
An added-value of over $600!

After completion of your basic EMDR training,
continue your learning by 
your own personalized training package*
*These 5 additional courses are not available for continuing education credits. Selection is made after registration and payment.

Our DELUXE SPECIALIZED courses selection:


The Progressive Approach:

An introductory guide for EMDR therapists

By Dolores Mosquera

  • Relevant concept for the work with dissociative disorders and EMDR

  • Trauma-related phobias and EMDR

  • Exploring and working with the internal system

  • Micro-Processing Procedures

  • Processing dissociative phobias


A 4 hrs On-Demand presentation


How to Assess for Dissociative Disorders & Conceptualize Treatment Planning

By Kathy Steele

  • Assessment strategies

  • Continuum of Ego States and dissociative parts

  • Negative dissociative symptoms

  • Positive dissociative symptoms

  • Case conceptualization

  • How to formulate a treatment plan

  • Treatment targets for resolution


A 5.5 hrs On-Demand presentation


Integrating EMDR & Hypnosis in the Treatment of Trauma and Medically-Unexplained Pain

By Mark Grant

  • 3 hypnotic phenomena common to trauma and pain.

  • 5 hypnotic strategies for enhancing EMDR

  • Assess when to use hypnosis vs when to use EMDR in treatment

  • 4 main goals of trance in the management of on-going pain

  • Utilize certain trances with and/or instead of EMDR


A 5 hrs On-Demand presentation

(previous training in hypnosis not required).


EMDR with Military Personnel
& Veterans

By Zoran Bjelanovic

  • Understanding the culture & the client

  • PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Assessment tools and strategies

  • Dissociation

  • Suicidality within this population

  • Moral injuries and EMDR

  • Military Sexual Trauma and EMDR

  • Adapted cognitive interweaves 


A 4 hrs On-Demand presentation

Billie-Jo bennet.jpg

Adapting EMDR when working with Children

By Billie-Jo Bennett

  • How to modify the 8 phases of EMDR when working with children & youth

  • Dissociation in children & Youth

  • Integrating art and play therapy with EMDR

  • Working with the family


A 4 hrs On-Demand presentation


Adapting the EMDR Standard Protocol when Working with Indigenous Clients

By Shelley Spear Chief

  • When to adapt phases 3 to 8 in the standard protocol

  • Explaining EMDR Therapy to Indigenous First Nation Client Script

  • Scales for Dissociation

  • Phase-oriented treatment 

  • Design a treatment plan which integrates EMD, EMDr, and EMDR 

  • Eagle Wings Flapping technique

  • Resource development from a cultural lens

  • Working with Complexed PTSD


A 5.5 hrs On-Demand presentation

Arianne Struik.jpg

Treating Preverbal Trauma in Children and Adults with EMDR

By Arianne Struik

  • Gain an understanding of the state of the art on preverbal trauma

  • Identify potential preverbal trauma in clients (children and adults)

  • Identifying targets in infants, children, adolescents and adults.

  • Assess which form of bilateral stimulation to use

  • What does the session look like

  • Handle situations where clients have strong (physical) abreactions or dissociate

  • Modify interventions for online sessions


A 5 hrs On-Demand presentation


EMDR Therapy for First-Responders

By Julie Miller

  • First responder culture

  • Treatment Planning & Interventions

  • 8 phases of EMDR therapy in the treatment of first responders 

  • EMDR Therapy protocol to first responders following critical incidents

  • Special considerations


September 30, 2023, 11 am to 3:15 pm ET

A 4hrs Presentation

Attend Live via Zoom or watch On-Demand
after the live event


EMDR and Addiction: Essential Skills Beyond Basic Training

By Julie Miller

  • Identify the origins of addiction from the AIP perspective and challenges specific to clients struggling with addictions

  • Learn and practice creating a treatment plan from the AIP perspective for clients struggling with addictions

  • Identify several resourcing options to prepare clients for reprocessing, specifically addressing alexithymia, affect phobia, and difficulty with self-regulation

  • Identify at least three protocols for use with chemical and/or process addictions

  • Determine when to use a specific protocol with clients struggling with addictions


August 8, 2023, 11 am to 6:15 pm ET

A 6 hrs presentation 

Attend Live via Zoom or Watch On-Demand
after the live event

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Trainer: Dr. Kelly Penner Hutton

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