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EMDR Training Information

Admission Requirements:


Preparing for your training:

EMDR book.jpg

The required reading for this training is:

Shapiro, F. (2018). Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy: Basic principles, protocols, and procedures (3rd ed.). New York: Guildford Press.

Available on Amazon.



The Envision Academy offers its Basic EMDR Training 100% online via the platform Zoom.

Learners must be present online via Zoom for all training days to receive their certificate of completion.

Please note that participants will have access to the Envision Academy Online Learning Platform 4 weeks before the start of their training where they will be able to access the course material, handouts, worksheets, and additional readings for their training.


Supervised Practicum Portion of the Training:


During the 6 days of the Basic EMDR Training (part 1 and part 2 of the training), you will participate in supervised practicum sessions with your classmates throughout the day. Those practicum sessions are supervised by the Envision Academy EMDRIA-approved EMDR consultants. Those sessions are a fundamental part of the training as they provide an opportunity to transfer the knowledge acquired during the lecture part of the training into practice.


Because this training includes an experiential component, you must be prepared to work on your own personal issues in practice sessions. We ask participants to think ahead of the training of 1 past memory they would like to work on that does not cause them distress over a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is no disturbance or neutral and 10 is the most disturbance you can imagine. We want to emphasize that this training is not the place to address issues that are very disturbing as this is a training setting and not personal therapy.

Examples of memories that could be appropriate for this setting are a childhood memory about a friend with whom you had a conflict or a memory about a disagreement you had with an adult friend or coworker. A past memory about performance anxiety or anxiety about starting a new job. Please avoid memories that are related to your family of origin.



10 hrs. of group consultation included within your training package:


*The 10 hrs. are divided into 4 group consultations of 2.5 hrs. each. Daytimes, evening times, and weekend times are provided to accommodate all schedules.


Participants will have to complete 1 group consultation session two weeks after part 1 of their training and 3 group consultation sessions after part 2 of their training.

The registration form for these consultation groups will open 4 weeks before the start of the EMDR training.


Certificates are given once the attendee has completed all the requirements for the basic EMDR training, including the 10 hours of consultations and the final evaluations. Participants must complete the entire training to receive certificates. No partial certificates are awarded. If on a payment plan, attendee must complete their full payment before their certificate can be issued.

If you are unable to practice EMDR with clients, you will be unable to complete the consultation portion of the training and should wait until you have clients with which you can practice EMDR. An example of this might include a school Social Worker that does not have access to clients during summer break. Email if you have concerns before registering.

You will be expected to begin the use of EMDR Therapy with at least one case during this training to be given a certificate of completion.

Certificate of Completion

Certificates are given once the attendee has completed all the requirements for the basic EMDR training, including the 10 hours of consultations, a quiz (open book), the final evaluations, and if you are on a payment plan, once Envision has received the full payment for your EMDR training. Participants must complete the entire training to receive certificates.  No partial certificates are awarded. Completion of the bonus sessions (on-demand courses) are not required in order to receive the basic EMDR training certificate. 



Grievances are only accepted in writing and will be handled within ten business days. Please email your grievance to


If you require specific accommodation, please make your request in writing 30 days before the 1st session.

Email your request to Envision cannot ensure accommodations without adequate prior notification.

*Conflict of interest for this program: There is no known conflict of interest for this program. Envision has not received any financial support for this program or its contents and will not receive any financial support before or during this program. Envision will disclose any potential conflicts at the beginning of the training.

We are proud to be the only academy offering additional courses included 
at no extra cost in your registration.

We are open and ready to answer your email: 

Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time (except on statutory holidays when our office is closed)


Book a Free, one on one information Zoom call with one of our EMDR consultants who will be able to answer both your questions about the training as well as clinical question about EMDR.

Select the time that works for you.


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