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Testimonials From Attendees of
the Envision Academy’s Basic EMDR Training

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Angel Asuncion-Reed, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA)

Tapestry of Life & Culture, PLLC

I appreciated Envision's care and deep support during my Basic EMDR training and consultation groups. I also appreciated all the facilitators during the training. Deep gratitude for the workshops & trainings. I know it's a lot of coordinating.


Colette Chapman MSW/RSW, EMDR Trained Therapist

Ase Counseling Service

I came in a disbeliever of EMDR and came out believing in it. Primarily, when I did this course, I found the practice exercise is what sealed it for me. It's probably a course that I would even redo. I found the pricing was more than fair, especially given the payment plan, which I appreciated as it made it more manageable for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I will say that I found the bulk of information and access to the learning materials extremely helpful. Hope to see you again for another training session.


Leigh Murphy

MSW, EMDR Trained Therapist

I am very grateful for the training, workshops, consultations, and ongoing support and learning that has been provided through envision since I applied to the EMDR Basic Training last January. The learning has continued since the completion of my basic training which has greatly enrichened and enhanced my capacity as a clinician.


I am looking forward to the refresher as I feel like I will take it in at a deeper level and pick up on things I missed the first time, after this year of learning/practice/integration. 


Debbie Roberts

Counsellor, MA, CCC, EMDR

After taking my Basic EMDR Training with Envision,  I am still enjoying my experience with Envision as I make my way through the extra webinars from the Deluxe package. The whole training experience is packed full of very valuable information to help me in my practice. I am so grateful for the learning and the practical applications that we did during our class time. I am excited about EMDR and the benefits that my clients will gain from this. The RDIs are so practical, simple and effective. The EMDR training through Envision provided step by step instructions through the scripts, practicum and case consultation groups, ensuring that we all become and continue to be the best therapist that our clients deserve.


Yordanka Garmenova, M.Ed.

Registered Psychotherapist & Canadian Certified Counsellor 

As someone who is interested in furthering my knowledge and skills on treatment of trauma, Envision has been my go to platform for continuing education because they offer such unique workshops. I always walk away from the experience feeling excited about the topic and motivated to apply it to my practice. I found my Basic EMDR training to be thorough and I felt supported by the instructor and the consultants throughout the course. I'm also grateful to have on-demand access to the workshops as I'm not always able to attend the ones I'm interested in. Everyone at Envision is very helpful and a joy to interact with!


Jenny Al-Adra, B.Ed. MC Certified Counsellor 

Roots & Wings Counselling 

Thank you to Envision Academy for the basic EMDR training. Everyone at Envision was lovely to deal with, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I was well prepared for the training with lots of communication and easy-to-access materials, and the training itself was excellent. I would definitely recommend training with Envision and will be actively watching for further learning opportunities. 


Michelle Pyne, MSW RSW

Wildflowers Therapy

I am so pleased with the ongoing connection to Envision as a “mothership” to ongoing training and development. When I talk to others about the Basic EMDR training from Envision, there doesn’t seem to be this type of support and connection, especially post training, offered by any other EMDR training provider. I am thankful that I was connected to Envision from the start!


Lyana Hoydalo, BSW, M.Ed., RSW, CCC

Canadian Certified Counsellor and school social worker

I attended the EMDR Basic Training and highly recommend learning about EMDR with Envision.  The team does a beautiful job of teaching EMDR to participants.  The trainer is incredibly knowledgeable in EMDR and this comes through in the training through their personable and supportive style which makes you feel comfortable to engage and learn.  I am incredibly happy with the training and am now regularly practicing EMDR with my clients.  Thank you!

PICTURE (1).png

Lauren Teichrob, M.A., RCC, CCC

Doing Family Right

"Thank you so much for facilitating such a wonderful training opportunity! I can't express how much I enjoyed this training - It was truly outstanding"


Natalie Gillis, MACP

KV Psychology and Wellness Clinic

"I can’t speak more highly of Envision for a multitude of reasons; the training itself and the information were delivered in a comprehensive way, it was enjoyable alongside my peers and the facilitators demonstrated leadership skills and knowledge I’ve not always experienced with other institutions, agencies or companies. They showed respect, compassion, and care for participants. Moreover, EMDR has also greatly benefitted my clients with many skills even if we do not do a full desensitization. Calm states and refurbishing their confidence and competence through regulating their nervous system has been a rewarding experience to add to my 15 years of work history of being in the trauma industry."


Rod Baker, MA

Key Counselling

"I accomplished my goal with Envision of understanding and being able to use EMDR successfully with my clients. I'm surprised how well it works!"


I just completed the first weekend of a refresher of EMDR basic training. I wanted to thank the Envision team. I found the refresher very helpful, very clear and concrete. it was very helpful for me to do the auditing and it clarified things I didn't know were foggy! Thank you to Envision for offering a FREE refresher course as part of their Basic EMDR Training package!


We are proud to be the only academy offering additional courses included 
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