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Helping Your Clients Cope With DBT Skills During COVID-19


It's been months now…. We are all tired of it!

The current rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and even suicide continue to escalate as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us all. People have different fears and worries about their health and the health of their loved ones. They may worry about their financial situation or their job. They may be isolated and feeling lonely. They may be fearful of the future. Their mental health condition may have worsened. Through these challenging times, clients have never been more in need of practical skills and tools to survive and even thrive. As a therapist, you may feel like you have taught them every skill in your toolbox. You may feel like you need to learn new tools that are specific to this COVID-19 era.

You are not alone! Many therapists have asked us to put together a workshop that would specifically teach them a new skill set to help their clients with specific COVID-19 stressors and worries. Envision, Inc. is offering this live online workshop on January 23 that specifically tackles DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) in the time of COVID-19. Find out how you can effectively help your clients using DBT distress tolerance and emotion regulation tools during these uncertain times.

Did you know that crisis survival strategies are at the heart of DBT Skills Training?

DBT Skills work to lower the central nervous system's activity and bring relief during times of elevated stress and anxiety. Many of us are currently feeling elevated stress and anxiety. These feelings are typically difficult to process and overcome.

Learning dialectical strategies, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation skills with our online live workshop will provide you with new therapeutic tools for crisis times. Therapists are often the unceasing entity in their clients' lives. Therapists are often looked to for advice, regulation, insight, and growth. However, COVID-19 has presented a nebulous point in our history, where we are all collectively having difficulty navigating the world around us. An essential and crucial tool that therapists can use is DBT. DBT can also safely and effectively be delivered via telehealth.

Don't miss this opportunity to bring new tools and strategies to your clients!

Learn more about the DBT skill called TIP


Did you know Envision is offering a workshop with Dr. Lane Pederson?

Sign up for DBT Distress Tolerance & Emotion Regulation Tools for Clients

Envision, Inc. is offering a live workshop with Dr. Lane Pederson that specifically gives therapists a new skillset for coping with the pandemic.

Discover more about this training by clicking here. or visiting our website

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