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Adapting the EMDR Standard Protocol When Working with Indigenous/First Nations People.

Listen to Dr. Sandra Paulsen's video testimonial about Shelley's work

First Nations people across Canada and North America continue to suffer the effects of generations of violence, abuse, racism and mistreatment.

Healing from this historical trauma has been a long and challenging road for many individuals, but mental health professionals have an opportunity to help their clients on this journey by equipping themselves with the right skills and approach.

That’s why Envision, in its ongoing efforts to deliver timely online continuing education within the mental health field, is proud to bring you a one day workshop scheduled for October 2, 2021 featuring Shelley Spear Chief (MCSW, EMDR Consultant). Shelley is one of Canada’s leading First Nation Presenters on issues of historical trauma.

Shelley’s theme, Adapting the EMDR Standard Protocol When Working With Indigenous/First Nations People, will provide sudden insights as to why and how we start to adapt the EMDR Standard protocol supporting a decolonizing lens. Listen as she blends her experiences working with First Nation clients who have faced traumatic events with a deep understanding of First Nations culture.

Join our Interactive Learning Experience and improve your use of EMDR when Working with Indigenous/First Nations People.

Participants will come away from this workshop with a clearer understanding of several keys including the importance of making history and treatment planning culturally inclusive with the client, creating a peaceful, calm place using an indigenous narrative perspective, designing a treatment plan which integrates EMD, EMDr, EMDR, and Indigenous First Nation approaches and knowing when to adapt phases 3 to 8 of standard protocol.

Trained EMDR therapists will want to seize this opportunity to strengthen their skills in working with Indigenous First Nations people and learning how to adapt their EMDR practice.

Boost your learning by connecting with your peers at the Post Event Workshop

(be our guest – no extra fee)

Register now for this online event so that, even if you are unable to watch the live presentation, you will still have 60 days to access a recording of the workshop.

Plus, get free access to the 4 hours pre-recorded presentation on Historical Trauma, First Nations Shame, and Enhancing Resiliency


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