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EMDR Resources in the Era of Covid-19

Have you come across this great resource ebook yet?

EMDR Resources in the Era of Covid-19, edited by Marilyn Luber, offers a compilation of EMDR protocols, resources and procedures to support EMDR therapists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This ebook offers many useful suggestions for self-care strategies, not only for clients but also for mental health therapists and front line workers who can sometimes neglect to care for themselves as they are so focused on helping others. This ebook reminds us about the importance of self-care as through self-care practices, we can give others the best of ourselves. The best way to ensure you take time for self-care may be to book it within your schedule…. Book an appointment with yourself!

Also included within this ebook are EMDR-Related Stabilization Techniques that can be used by EMDR trained therapists - feeling so grateful for this amazing ebook!

Thank you to Marylin Luber and her contributors for offering these great resources during these challenging times! Please take the time to read the copyright statement on the second page of the document here


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