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Attachment-Based Interventions to Help Clients Heal from Attachment Traumas

Join this interactive learning experience on January 21st!

Join Dr. Christina Reese on January 21st and learn useful strategies and interventions to help clients heal from attachment traumas. Reserve your seat!


Workshop Description:

During this presentation, Dr. Reese will provide an attachment-based framework for helping clients who have experienced attachment trauma. Dr. Reese will cover assessment guidelines as well as the 4 phases that are required to heal attachment trauma. Clinicians will learn useful strategies and interventions for each of those phases.

Attendees will leave this workshop equipped with tools to help their clients begin their healing journey, restore their sense of felt safety, and improve their relationships with others.

This workshop will be experiential, and attendees will be able to take part in guided exercises. Dr. Reese will provide attendees with helpful worksheets that they will be able to use in sessions with their clients.


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