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DBT for the Treatment of Eating Disorders: Foundational Concepts A 3-Part Series

Join this interactive learning experience!

This workshop will be very hands-on, practical, and participants will receive a number of handouts and resources to use right away with clients. Reserve your seat!

Day 1: January 18th, 2022

Day 2: February 8th, 2022

Day 3: March 2, 2022


Workshop Description:

Eating disorders (EDs) are complex biological and psychiatric illnesses associated with significant morbidity and mortality. While CBT approaches are considered a first-line treatment, more than 50% of patients do not respond adequately and relapse rates remain high. Research has highlighted that differential treatment approaches are needed for individuals presenting with co-occurring suicide, self-injury, trauma, and specific bio-temperamental characteristics. The need to target emotion regulation difficulties, sensory issues, and underlying personality traits is well documented in the literature. Standard ED treatments were never designed to treat multiple high risk behaviors, do not have protocols for managing chronic suicide or self-injury, and do not comprehensively target personality disorders and emotion regulation problems.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) provides a comprehensive and multi-modal framework for managing emotion regulation difficulties and multiple high-risk behaviors in the context of an eating disorder. This practical, hands-on workshop will focus on utilizing DBT for clients who do not respond to standard ED interventions. Participants can expect a focus on skills that can effectively move clients through the pre-treatment phase and into active therapy. This workshop will include large and small group discussion, role-play, and ready-to-use client handouts.

This training is designed for clinicians who have experience treating eating disorders and those with foundational DBT knowledge and experience.


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